San Diego Water Filtration Replacement Parts & Upgrades

Maintenance for Your San Diego Water Filtration System

If you run into a problem with your water filtration system, we move quickly to make sure that the problem is effectively solved. Puronics has served San Diego with water filtration solutions since 1947. We are certified water specialists dedicating to customizing a water filtration system to fit your needs.

For your peace of mind, we offer:

  • Lifetime warranties
  • Free water analysis
  • Superior service and support
  • Fast response for quick, quality repairs
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Cutting edge silver ion technologies
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians

Health & Safety System Upgrades

Despite recent trends to transfer water filtration systems to a salt-based solution, this method of filtration is not actually the safest way to keep your water pure. In fact, the environmental impact of the current salt systems has proven to be devastating to local plant life, as the salt builds up in the soil and runs into the local oceans.

Instead of following this dangerous trend, we point our customers toward environmentally friendly solutions that cooperate with your local eco-system while maintaining soft, safely filtered water. With our help, your San Diego water filtration system can be modernized with the latest in silver ion technologies. We stand behind our products, offering a lifetime warranty for all upgrades to your water softener and filtration system.

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Reliable Replacement Parts

Make sure you order the correct part for your filtration system by counseling with our technicians before you buy. We can honestly direct you toward the correct part, making sure you do not damage your system with a mismanaged repair.

We offer access to the leading brands in water filtration system parts, including:

  • Defender CL
  • Hydronex
  • Terminator
  • Clarius W
  • Good Spring

Consult with a member of our team today by calling our San Diego office at (888) 926-7488.