San Diego Water Filtration Systems

Offering Lifetime Warranties for Your Home's Water System

Improve the taste and quality of your tap water, and you may never have to buy bottled water again! At Puronics, we offer water filtration systems that provide you with healthier water at a fraction of the cost of store-bought water. Water filters remove chlorine and bacteria from your water. In this way, you and your family are provided with access to cleaner water. Furthermore, drinking pure water right from the tap is an environmentally responsible solution. Tap water consumption lowers your family's use of plastic water bottles, thus decreasing overall household waste.

At Puronics, we use leading water filtration brands, including:

Serving Your Water Filtration Needs

Our experienced water filtration technicians bring comfort to San Diego homes. We prioritize eco-friendly solutions for your home, helping you to find environmentally responsible solutions for your hard water. Chemical build-up and mineral deposits in your water are problems that Puronics can easily solve. To begin your service, we offer a free water analysis. We can help you understand federal water standards, and are familiar with common water problems linked to the San Diego area. Our water analysis is customized for your region, and helps to more specifically target a "safe" range of minerals in your water.

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Be Aware of the Dangers of Salt-Softened Water

In recent years, a trend has arisen in homeowners switching to salt-softeners for water filtration systems. It is a common misconception that these salt-systems are more environmentally friendly and healthier for your home. In fact, these salt systems actually use much more electricity than other forms of water filtration, and have been deemed illegal in certain regions due to the severe damage they do to the local environment.

Salt water builds up in the local soil, damaging plant life and leading to an inhospitable environment for the trees. Extra saltwater runoff that spills into the local oceans can alter the salinity of the water, killing off marine life.

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