Carbon Filtration Water Treatment in Los Angeles

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Like other water filter systems, carbon filtration is used to remove contaminants, bacteria, and other impurities from drinking water and plumbing systems. It does this through a process of chemical absorption using activated carbon.

The process is known as adsorption—pollutants are trapped inside the structure of the carbon. In water purification systems, carbon filtration is especially useful for removing chlorine, sediments, odors, and tastes from water.

About Activated Carbon Filtration

There are two general types of carbon filters for water purification: granular activated carbon (GAC) and powdered block. GAC filters are some of the most popular, and are versatile enough to work in all kinds of residential settings. For your home, a GAC or other carbon filter may be the answer to your water system needs.

There are two common types of GAC filters:

Point of Entry Carbon Filter
Also known as a whole-house carbon filter, POE filters are installed at the basin of a location’s water supply, allowing the carbon filter to treat all water that travels in the home: faucets, tubs, showers, and other fixtures.

Point of Use Carbon Filter
POU filters are installed at faucets and other water fixtures, where the water exits the plumbing system. For example, a POU carbon filter for the kitchen sink is often located beneath the sink, filtering the water just before it leaves the faucet.

Powdered block and other carbon block filters are suited for removing larger quantities of contaminants and pollutants in larger bodies of water. For your home in the Los Angeles area, let Puronics handle your water filtration needs.

Our Carbon Filter Water System Solutions

Are you looking for an installation, repair, or replacement for a carbon filter water treatment system in or around the Los Angeles County area? Our team of certified water specialists can thoroughly assess your plumbing system and water treatment needs before making any changes.

We assess your carbon filter system needs with the following:

  • What types of contaminants are in the water?
  • What amount of contaminants is in the water?
  • What other chemicals are in the water?
  • What is the water being used for?
  • What pathways of exposure need to be eliminated?

It is important for your water filtration or water treatment system to meet the needs of your home. Without a thorough inspection, your installation or replacement could cause you unnecessary troubles and expenses. Let us help you do it right.

We’re licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure our clients’ needs and desires are met.

Contact Puronics in Los Angeles for your carbon filter needs throughout the county and nearby areas!