Los Angeles Water Systems

Looking for the best soft water & filtration system around Los Angeles County? Puronics offers advanced silver ion technologies at a value price! We are one of the leading company in water solutions and have helped thousands of clients in over 60 countries, like NASA, the U.S. government and IBM. We also provide soft water alternatives, like the Good Spring System, for our clients.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our water systems!
Additionally, we have effective solutions for your home!

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

During our no-obligation quote, our certified water specialists will come to you and design a cost-effective solution to your water problems.

Defender CL ® - Good

An advanced water system that allows you to have optimum effectiveness & superior quality water.

Click here to see more specifics about the Defender CL®.

Hydronex ® - Better

A highly efficient water system that cleans & purifies your home without breaking your budget.

Click here to see more specifics about the Hydronex®.

Terminator ® MP - Best

A performance water system that offers the highest quality filter and superior purification.

Click here to see more specifics about the Terminator® MP.

GoodSpring™ BPS

Makes your water fresh and clean, without using electricity or applying chemicals like salt and potassium!

Click here to learn more about the GoodSpring™ BPS.

GoodSpring™ BWS

A step up from the BPS system! Eliminate water waste, reduce calcium buildup, and produce optimum water quality!

Learn more about the GoodSpring™ BWS by clicking here.