New GoodSpring™ BPS Water System

Enjoy Fresh, Clean Water in Your Home

The Puronics GoodSpring™ BPS whole house water system implements our new ScaleMax™ filter that helps to reduce and prevent calcium scale buildup in pipes and water appliances. For areas around Los Angeles County, including Santa Clarita, this filter provides much needed relief from the unwanted scale buildup that is so common.

What else does the GoodSpring™ BPS include? We added in our Purifex™ media and SilverShield® HYgene® to make sure our customers’ water not only felt great, but tasted great as well. It also includes MicroSilver Bacteriostatic™ protection to ensure bacteria does not grow within the filter media bed over time.

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Scale-Down Your Home Water Today

When you go with the GoodSpring™ BPS system, you get an environmentally-conscious solution to your water filtration needs. The innovative technology in this multi-layered tank allows for optimal water quality while maintaining “green” status. The inner lawyer works to provide high quality water, while the outer fiberglass layer delivers cost effective durability. The JetWhirl™ design also works to accelerate dispersion of water evenly through the bed and maximum performance for extended life.

So what are the main benefits for you as a homeowner?

  • No salt, potassium, or chemicals
  • No electricity is required at all
  • It reduces unwanted scale caused by water minerals
  • Simple installation process
  • Automatically eliminates water waste
  • Eliminates water waste
  • minimize scale build up

Get Your Green Solution in Southern California

Puronics is proud to provide this “green” solution to getting the crystal clear and refreshing water our customers deserve—all in an affordable manner. When you need the best quality water in Los Angeles, Orange, or San Diego County, be sure to call on us! We make sure to always provide our customers with superior service, excellent support, and cutting-edge technologies.

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