New GoodSpring™ BWS Water System

Give Yourself Clean, Refreshing Water

Puronics is excited to start installing our GoodSpring™ BWS water system in homes throughout the area. This new system provides all the same benefits as the GoodSpring™ BPS, with slightly more quality. As a step up from our GoodSpring™ BPS, the GoodSpring™ BWS water system has a three piece filter media tank, made up an inner liner of polyethylene, and outer layer of fiberglass, and a sleek stainless steel outer cover for long-term durability.

Exceptional benefits homeowners enjoy include:

  • ScaleMax™ filter designed to reduce/eliminate calcium buildup.
  • No salt, potassium, or chemicals used in the process.
  • Purifex™ media and SilverShield® HYgene® for optimum quality water.
  • No electricity required and a simple installation process.
  • JetWhirl™ design that accelerates dispersion of water evenly.
  • MicroSilver Bacteriostatic™ protection in filter media bed.
  • Elimination of water waste.
  • Maximization of scale build up.

This “green” solution to clean, great tasting water is the environmentally-conscious filter you are looking for. From better tasting food to softer skin and silkier hair, there are endless reasons to get the GoodSpring™ BWS water system installed in your Santa Clarita Valley home! We are happy to serve customers in Castaic and Fillmore as well!

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How does the GoodSpring™ BWS work?

When you install the GoodSpring™ BWS water system in your home, you can be confident that it will provide the best quality water, reducing unwanted mineral build up and preventing bacteria growth in the system itself.

Our innovative technology and design allows us to provide you with this exceptional quality water without the use of electricity or any water backwash. There is no drain or electrical hookup to worry about, making the installation process a breeze. The in and out head is hooked up directly at the water main and uses reserve flow to keep the bed lifted and fluidized.

When water comes up, it goes from the distributor and towards the top of tank, swirling and rotating to help reduce any channeling and to increase the filter contact time with the water (all thanks to our JetWhirl™ design). In a separate tank, our ScaleMax™ media then works to reduce minerals in the water to help decrease buildup in your pipes and appliances.

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