Residential Water Softening in Valencia

Unique Valencia Soft Water Systems

According to a recent survey, 85% of homes throughout the U.S. suffer from hard water. The build-up of calcium and magnesium can become a serious problem when it is not addressed, which is why at Puronics, we want to give your home the quality water it deserves!

We've built our company around affordable, quality service and are solely in the business of water. When you work with our team, you can feel confident that we know exactly how to service your home for maximum success. Our soft water systems have been installed in countless homes around Valencia and the nation, making them a product you can feel good about.

What can a water softening system do for my home?

You may not even be aware that your water is hard, but once you experience soft water, the difference is undeniable. Hard water does damage to glassware, sinks, showers, and the overall quality of your plumbing. It commonly leaves behind scaly, white deposits and water spots that don't go away even with scrubbing.

Your home can benefit from soft water in many ways, including:

  • Longer life span of appliances and dishware
  • Prevents expensive plumbing repairs
  • Fabric stays softer and appears less worn
  • Hair and skin are treated less harshly
  • Water heats faster throughout the house

We offer a number of different products, each designed to fit your unique needs. Because the plumbing in residential homes is so much different than commercial plumbing systems, we will present several options that fit your specific needs.

Having been in the business for nearly 70 years gives us a unique edge that many of our competitors don't have. We're happy to come to you, provide a no-obligation quote, and service your home the right way the first time. Don't go another day suffering the consequences of hard water!

Schedule an appointment with our team today to learn more about the advantages of Valencia soft water system.