Valencia Water Filters

Cutting Edge Soft Water Systems in Valencia

In a recent survey, it was estimated that consumers spend 300 times the cost of tap water to drink bottled water. Shocking? We think so. That's why we are revolutionizing water filters with our soft water systems. Not only can Puronics give you healthier water, we can ensure that you are getting that water as cost-effectively as possible.

Our services span a wide range of project sizes. From residential homes in Valencia to NASA, the U.S. Army, and beyond, we truly do it all. We believe that water filters are the key to an improved life and after having yours installed, we think you'll agree.

Water Filters & Your Healthier Future

In years past, water filters were all relatively the same. Not unexpectedly, they were also all relatively nondescript and lacked the proper functioning consumers desired. Our filters pioneered a new frontier and we're always providing more innovative solutions with each passing year.

Some of our most popular water filters are the:

Not only do water filters help to reduce your carbon footprint, they are also high on convenience. When we install one of our high-functioning filters in your home, you immediately receive the benefits of pure, fresh water delivered right from your faucets.

Filtered water is free of chlorine and other harmful bacteria that can lead to serious health problems. Many individuals don't realize what a difference a filter makes until they try it, not only for drinking but for cooking and bathing, as well. Children who drink filtered water are at a significant advantage and experience a much stronger immune system.

At Puronics, we've been providing clients in Valencia and the surrounding areas with soft water systems since 1947. Don't hesitate to make the switch – we think you'll be glad you did.

Contact our team today! We would be happy to schedule your free water analysis and discuss your water filter installation.